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iPhone SMS Recovery- Restore Deleted SMS from iPhone 4, 4s, 3G

iPhone is an amazing innovation of Apple. Company is known for its high end product and launch of iPhone also strengthen this fact. Its captivation look and advance features definitely give a charming sensation in your mind. Company had launched several version of iPhone like iPhone 2, iPhone 3, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4 and the most latest one is iPhone 4S. Each version differ from one another in terms of feature. Like all other Smartphone, iPhone also offers space to store SMS, text messages and so on. However sometime user experiences problem when stored SMS gets lost or deleted. In such a circumstances you will definitely look for some solution so as to perform iPhone SMS Recovery.

There are several factors which results into deletion of SMS from the iPhone 4. Reasons may either be logical or something else, so whatever reasons are, the important thing over here is how to perform iPhone SMS recovery? Is there any iPhone SMS recovery software available? Well don't get disheartened because iPhone 4s recovery is possible but from backup. Till date, there is no iPhone sms recovery software is available in market but if backup is available then you can easily resolve this problem.

In order to create backup Company(Apple) had integrated an inbuilt tool i.e. iTunes, but couple of limitation limits its scope and is not very convenient for iPhone SMS recovery process. Limitations of iTunes are:

  • Synchronization problem
  • Transfer process is very slow

Apart from these two, there are some other problems with iTunes like it does not supports single file transfer, in order to transfer anything you have to transfer all files present in your iPhone 4s. So for the safe and quick transfer of file, it would be better if you take help of this software. By using this software you can easily create backup of your iPhone 3gs which definitely going to help you in data loss situation. With the help of this software you not only create the backup but you can also restore data to your iPhone.

You can if you want to know the call history of your iphone5.This software provides advanced features which makes iPhone SMS recovery very simple and easy. Key features of this software are:

  • Restore lost/deleted SMS without any loss
  • Recovery rate is very fast
  • Well capable to organize back up SMS in your iPhone 4, 4s and 3gs
  • This software is well compatible with latest iPhone versions
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows OS
  • Easy to use

If you are using iPhone and lost some essential SMS from your Smartphone then don't worry. Just download this software and restore all lost SMS from backup.

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Case 1- Data Recovery From iOS Device


Recover Data From iOS Device Directly
Enter DFU mode according to your choice if to recover data directly from the device.


Scanned Data On Your Device Will Be Previewed
Before going through recovery process you will get shown with the list of data on your iPhone as mentioned in this image

Case 2- Data Recovery From iTunes Backup


Data Recovery From iTunes Backup Files
If you are unable to find your data directly from your iOS, then turn to scan your iTunes backup file


Preview and Recovery Data From iTunes Backup
Now, you can preview all contents in your iTunes backup, and save them to your PC